The Sturtevant Triple Murder: Part Three: “Horrors Truly Multiply”

Sturtevant MurderBoston Evening Journal 17 Feb. 1874, p. 2-3.

Horrors Truly Multiply. We gave this morning the details of a terrible tragedy which took place in the little town of Halifax, in Plymouth county, on Sunday night, in which three persons were brutally murdered. Further particulars of the terrible affair will be found in another column. The object of the murderers appears to have been to obtain the money which it is reported the murdered brothers possessed to a large amount, and which they kept by them. No clue as yet obtained to the murderers, but the town authorities, assisted by the entire community in which the tragedy occurred, will leave no effort untried to detect and bring to punishment the perpetrators of the terrible crime.

THE TRAGEDY AT HALIFAX. ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS. The Murders Probably Committed on Sunday. INTENSE EXCITEMENT. Coroner’s Inquest to be Held To-day.

The additional facts…

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